Messy French Twist

Step by step hairstyle guide- Simple French Roll

How-To: Twisted Bun

So easy to do! Lauren has the best how-to's!

French braid bun

7 hairstyles for dirty hair. And I'm not coordinated enough to pull off one of them.

The Gibson Tuck

Twist Up-do

Messy Bun - add a cateye.

Easy Twisty Bun how to tutorial. braided bun. braid to pig tail sections and twist together for a messy updo bun

Messy Braided Bun

A French twist going into a low messy bun with a bouffant

Thanks for posting!! I love the mini poof on top mixed with twists and a few messy buns!!

How to: french braid into messy bun.. Too bad my hair will fall out in like .5 seconds.

Im always looking for new ways to do my hair. I have long thick hair so putting it up in a bun is something I do often, but I dont want to have to use hair products like some tutorials suggest. This seems simple and easy to do. And its cute!

So many ways to do your hair!

Great French braided twist for short hair

Messy French Braid Bun

romantic, messy braid

Hairstyle How-to: Easy French Roll. I used this to help me do my hair for an interview.