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Picasso’s Basement Art Gallery



Japanese kite

Japanese fan

Molas of the Kuna people of Panama and Columbia

PICASSO'S BASEMENT's Russian Nesting dolls using peanut jar, a spice jar and a cork! Kids decorated them, painted them, gave them crowns. Then one fit right inside the other.

PICASSO'S BASEMENT's Mexican painted buses. Ours were made out of upcycled boxes. Drilled a hole into orange juice caps, put dowels through the boxes, stuck on the caps and secured them with a small "tip" of duct tape. Then we painted them. The wheels really turned!

PICASSO'S BASEMENT's Swedish Dala horses.

PICASSOS BASEMENT - Maori sea creature

Mrs Crosbie

Hand mirror with the head of Medusa Greek, South Italy, 500 - 480 B.C. Bronze The J. Paul Getty Museum

Yoruba Beaded Crown Adenla Nigeria Blue White African

hite gold,” was highly prized by Europeans, and it is believed that carved ivory saltcellars like this one were sometimes commissioned by traders as gifts for the patrons of their voyages. Once in Europe, the saltcellars were either displayed on dining tables of the wealthy, fulfilling their utilitarian function as containers for salt, or added to princely “cabinets of curiosity” along with other natural and man-made “wonders.”

Royal Crown (adènlà)

Russian Folk Art. I am loving cut-out paper at the moment...

Russian Folk Art Painting - Dancers from fromdaysgoneby on Ruby Lane

Russian folk art

Russian folk art. Love the flowers.

Russian folk art known as dymkovo.

Rodina Russian Folk Art - Decorative Eggs, Faberge Style Glass Eggs

Rodina Russian Folk Art - Decorative Eggs, Faberge Style Glass Eggs

russian folk art beautiful colors!