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    • Amy Allred

      The Ben and Jerrys pint lock. This is hilarious. Imagine the angry spouse or roommate that was craving ice cream. Of course if desperate you can always saw off the bottom but nice idea anyway, it just needs to be enclosed in plastic cylinder.

    • Liat Schindler

      The Ben and Jerry's pint lock. Ben & Jerry's actually sells this!!!! Cause Josh eats all my ice cream

    • Heather Monroe

      The Ben and Jerry's pint lock. I need this!!! My husband always eats his ice cream and then wants to eat mine!

    • Stephanie Stewart- Falling Into First

      The Ben and Jerry's pint lock. So THIS is how I keep my husband out of my ice cream!!!

    • Chardelle Smith

      The Ben and Jerry's pint lock. funny thing you can cut just below the lock...haha

    • Julie Pickering

      HA! This is funny stuff!!! Ben and Jerry's ice cream pint combination lock.

    • Laura Kalyta

      The Ben and Jerry's pint lock. Great idea for the ice cream lover.

    • Stephanie Lauren Roach

      Ben and Jerry's Icecream lock.... I need this :)

    • Janeen @ Sprouting Tadpoles

      Keep your mitts off my Ben & Jerry"S!

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    I-is this for real? Are you telling me... that there is a Nutella ice cream machine? Oh my goodness somebody buy me one of these!!!