The Ben and Jerry's pint lock. I need this!!! My husband always eats his ice cream and then wants to eat mine!

Never ending bubble wrap popper

Camioncyclette Is Like The Pickup Truck Of Bicycles | OhGizmo!

Either way, it's awesome!!

Ahhhh! Life size pool! What a fun idea...



I would take the slide down *every time :)

Utensil Pot Clip at Sur La Table

a printer that uses pencil. No more ink, and its erasable!

Clever license plate. Seriously the best thing I've seen all day haha. Chemists will appreciate.

Weird but OH SO COOL! Save your ice cream from being eaten!! haha LOVE it!

“there’s a chance this is vodka” water bottle- haha thats awesome! Stocking stuffer

HA! baggy winecoat:: because every alcoholic needs a fashionable way to smuggle wine.

inventions- love em!

Another day, another batch of unusual kitchen and home accessories you never knew about.


mace gun

Ice Cream Lock | Most Cool Things

i. am. dying.

I dream of one of these: Be our guest and drink in the charm of Beauty and the Beast with this collectible Limited Edition Mrs. Potts Tea Set. Beautifully crafted in fine china and trimmed in 24-kt. gold, this fun and functional tea set will bring memories pouring back. AHHHH I totally want this for my china cabinet ^_^