.So so true. In every way.

on race day, all the spectators will be calling all of us crazy as we heard like animals craving that high- the runners high- being high on life! @oiselle #racedaystyle

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So true!

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so true..

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If running were easy everybody would do it... and guess what? They don't, YOU DO. Keep Running #keeprunning #run #running #health #fitness #runhappy #workout #fatnomore #suckitup #nevereasy #bestrong #motivation #inspiration #gorun #runningpassion

Running, running, running...

This is so true. Before becoming a runner I truly didn't know this. You learn so much from the actual run. You learn a lot about yourself. You realize your limits as well as how far you are actually able to push yourself. Sure medals are nice...but the run itself is the reward!

the runner's high. Running - something I hate and love at the same time!

Running taught me how to meditate without even knowing what i was doing. That's the thing about running: Your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are the moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is. - Kara Goucher @quote

I love running

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