Squirrel chair in a tree - This is such a cute idea. It would be so fun to watch a squirrel sitting in his very own little chair.

Love the chair

Just a squirrel eating corn white sitting in a chair. would so have this in my yard, away from the house and cars of course

For the birds~ in the back yard

Bird Bathtub The perfect gift for your feathered friend! Our Bird Bathtub is for those birds in your backyard that yearn for some privacy. This carefully detailed bathtub is made of cast resin.

Piano water feature......that's just awesome....I wish I had an old piano to do this with and somewhere to do it! Love this!

17 Creative Ideas For Repurposing An Old Piano

⭐Piano Water Fountain⭐ DIY Inventive Ideas how to Repurpose Old Pianos

squirrel mistakes

'I've Made a Huge Mistake' Oops, the squirrel just got stuck in the bird feeder

Baby owls

These area not "two baby owlets." They are two hand-made stuffed toys that are cute.but don't look a thing like REAL owlets!


These photos of funny squirrels playing will totally make your day. Russian photographer Vadim Trunov is well-known for his amazing animals photos. His macro photos of snails, ants and other small insects bring to life […]

squirrel !! This is the fussiest creature in Twitter Forest! See what the grizz has to put up with?!?

Get stupid like a squirrel. Get stupid like a squirrel. I don't know where I left my nut. Oh yeah, Get stupid like a squirrel. I don't know where I left my nut. (Sylvie's song about squirrels).

Cute And Easy Way To Make A Bird Feeder.....

DIY Orange Bird Feeder (a gift for your wild feathered friends). i like the idea of doing this for the birds in the park. a little "bird feeder bombing" may just be in order!

Patrick, 27, the world's oldest living wombat. SO CUTE!!

Funny pictures about Oldest and biggest wombat on earth. Oh, and cool pics about Oldest and biggest wombat on earth. Also, Oldest and biggest wombat on earth.

Romance in the pines (via imgur) (funny, cute animals, squirrels, love, kiss)

❥‿↗⁀simply-beautiful-world & here darling& magicalnaturetour: I’m just nuts about you! Baby squirrels share a kiss as they shelter in a tree. Photo by Sergey Bezberday via Mail Online

Oldish Gal... Young at heart!

An adorable little sparrow checking out its reflection in a car's side mirror. What's not to love about this charming photograph? It's so sweet.

Chipmunk Corn Teeth Funny Friendship Card - Greeting Card by Avanti Press Just a smile to make you smile today :)  Want to smile some more? Use Coupon code "Summer" at for a 20% discount  :) Have a lovely day!

Chipmunk Corn Teeth Funny / Humorous Friendship Card by Avanti Press

Rob the tiny squirrel…

Funny pictures about Rob the tiny squirrel. Oh, and cool pics about Rob the tiny squirrel. Also, Rob the tiny squirrel.