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Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia is best known in history books as the site of John Brown’s armory raid, but the tiny town is rich in tales of the supernatural as well. One of the most dramatic is the legend of “Screaming Jenny”, whose spirit has appeared to many engineers and passengers at the local train station. Jenny is believed by many to be the ghost of a poor woman whose shabby clothes were caught aflame one frigid winter’s night as she heated her meager supper. Bursting through the door…

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Travel by Train: Safety, Comfort, Economy

Travel by train: Safety, comfort, economy. Canadian Pacific Railway Lines, circa 1940.

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Le Train de l'Ardèche : un train touristique à vapeur

Le Train de l'Ardèche : un train touristique à vapeur : La ligne historique du Train de l'Ardèche va rouvrir pour l’été 2013. En parcourant cette voie creusée à flanc de montagne, à bord de trains à vapeur ou d’autorail touristiques, vous découvrirez des paysages exceptionnels, comme les spectaculaires Gorges du Doux.