Cornstarch and conditioner = ice cream dough!

Amazing two ingredient ice cream dough for fabulously fun sensory play- it's cold and looks just like ice cream! (Such a fun way for kids to keep cool this Summer)

Cloud Dough (the stuff at hands-on museums) 8 cups flour & 1 cup baby oil. It feels like flour as you run your fingers through it, but it's moldable. A wonderful sensory activity for children.

Ice Cream Dough: A totally New Sensory Play Recipe that looks and smells JUST like ice cream and is also moldable and super soft

ice cream play dough !!

Great dough recipe - not easy enough for school, but perfect for home!

This is truly the BEST play dough recipe ever,and if you add dry koolaid instead of food coloring, you have smell-o-riffic dough! (this is ALMOST my recipe, although I do 1/2 cup of salt instead. and I did add the glitter for fairy play dough. big hit.)

a babysitter's dream: recipes for moon sand, flubber, sidewalk paint, window paint, play dough, shaving cream paint, bubbles, and more.

No Flour or salt play dough recipe. Baking soda, cornstarch and water

Wacky Sacks - play dough filled balloons. You can buy everything you need at the dollar store!

water beads

Play Dough Recipe: {Great Gift Idea} No Cook PlayDough Hair conditioner and corn starch. That’s it. We added some food coloring for diversity. Think of this as a mix between playdough and cloud dough. It is light and airy like cloud dough, but molds better as the conditioner helps the cornstarch become more pliable.

This is seriously the easiest and best ever, no-cook play dough recipe!

An edible ICE CREAM PLAY DOUGH recipe that your kids will fall in love with!

RECREATE | a simple recipe for making play dough with Jell-O

Giant Squishy Sensory: Amazing way to stay cool and dry outside. Making this giant squishy bag makes for hours of fun :) Big Thanks to The Mommies Made Me Do It

Rainbow Foam Dough recipe An amazing sensory experience you don't want to miss! FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS

Play dough filled balloons: squishy!

Foam Dough! Super easy to make! Reminds me of moon sand. equal parts shaving cream and corn starch. add food colouring if you want

pass the water (summer game)

This is my favorite playdough --- it puts me in a good mood, just smelling it! I love it any time of year, but when fall rolls around, this cinnamon-spice dough is simply perfect!