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  • HollyR

    Don't forget that white people & military families are major recipients of food aid programs.

  • laina

    The real truths about food stamps

  • deb catmandu

    What a bunch of lies...number 2 is laughable!!! This has already been shown to be the easiest program to defraud, since people buy & sell foodstamps and collect on those who are dead or not real people and even people that no longer live with the user. Number 3: how can one food stamp dollar return two to the economy? is this NEW math? This is MY MONEY that the foodstamps come from and I don't see ANY return from that.

  • HollyR

    In the United States of America no one should ever go hungry.

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This is so true

And then have the gall, with their greediness, to take the money away from the poor and middle class so they can fill their own coffers.

Even if this numbers are off the slightly the fact still remains that we are a species who can move moutains and change entire eco-systems. Its dangerous because we give little about the consequences of these actions. It took the earth a long time to build balance habitats, who are we to destroy all that hard work.

STUDENTS! Get the FACTS about Obamacare at Sign up starts OCT. 1 Let's all sign up ASAP and show the GOP what real hope and change looks like! Also, they can pay smart, non-college educated people a lot less money in salary thereby keeping the middle class down so that only the wealthy will continue to do well..

GOP=filibustering America's progress, wasting our time and wasting our money. Vote GOP out in 2016.

bad! November 1, 2013...a disgusting day

Ladies start picking out your Burkas. Next the Repukes will make you marry your rapist or be stoned. The Repukes are making this country look more and more like a backwards religious extremist country. CBS, how dare you give this psycho airtime??

Fox News is a GOP right wing show masquerading as a regular news show,while giving views of right ring zealots. They con normal people into watching by calling themselves a "news" channel inferring that they are a regular "news" station giving everyday news happening in the U.S & the world and not presenting totally political right wing republican editorial. They fact check nothing. Biddy Craft

In honor of your sacrifice...

The next time you hear someone praising a government, any government, for its granting of liberty and gift of freedom, remember that governments do not give you freedom; God gave you freedom, governments take it away.