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Cherry Fudge with Dark Chocolate

<p style="margin: 'Lucida Grande'">Pretty in pink, this cherry fudge is paired with dark chocolate for an amazing combination!</p> <p style="margin: 'Lucida Grande'"><em><strong><a href=" target="_blank">Get the recipe here!</a></strong></em></p>

Apple Pie Fudge

Frozen Reeses Peanut Butter Pie I’ve been in a lazy funk, by that I mean I’m just can’t seem to muster up the energy lately to get this growing butt of mine motivated to get back in my running routine. So with that comes peanut butter desserts and lots

The Best Fudge Ever

If the taste preference is given to the gifts of nature like fresh cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes, hot peppers, dill, green onions, fried mushrooms,