PHOTO WALL Black and white photograph display black frames white mattes fill a blank wall with family photos to display them instead of putting them in a photo album that no one is going to look at

polaroid diy wall art

gallery wall ideas

How to Save Money on Home Decor- Ideas and inspiration, including this photo wall from dollar store frames!

Marcus Design

sneak some thin gallery wall shelving into the end of a hallway // #styling

A black and white photo wall. I wanna fo something like this in the hallway to the boys' rooms.

family photo gallery

Gallery Wall - easy to change frames and photos without lots of wall holes!

gallery wall templates

How to display photos... (found on pinterest and suggested for clients of #lindseystumpphotography ) #prints #photos #frames #collage #decor

a scrapbook wall! pictures of milestones, framed menus from your first date with your honey...anything you consider important enough to be framed should be! the daring person would go crazy with frame colors and sizes, but this is super class.

Great tips for photo arrangements and displays!


Photo Wall Organization: Stephen's idea for our living room wall