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    “Babe by Faberge”,

    I remember using this and loving the smell..

    Kraft Squeeze Cheese!!

    Tickle Deodorant

    Heaven Sent - this was my favorite!


    I had this Barbie

    I remember using this...

    Love's Baby Soft perfume.

    Love's Baby Soft - every girl's first perfume.

    Monchichi Monchichi your so soft and cuddly! (this was my favorite toy as a kid- until his hair came off)

    Love's Baby Soft

    Favorite candy from my childhood. Ahh the memories!

    Evening in Paris... Our grandmother's favorite.

    Love's Baby Soft ad, 1980s.

    Remember this game? Cooties was one of my favorite things to play with!

    childhood toy

    Revlon's Charlie perfume from the 70's - my favorite - and you couldn't get in Denmark at that time.

    Love's Baby Soft. Probably many a 70's and 80's girls first perfume!

    This was a favorite