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  • Mrs C.

    Pinned this under "Giggles" because it has happened to me and it makes me laugh. I'm so sorry that my happiness ruins your misery. :)

  • JanNell Bastert

    funny stuff Now click "like" if you don't want to burn in the eternal flames of hell.

  • SadieL.S

    Your inspirational quotes have inspired me to unfriend you (#humor, pic)

  • Roxann Dunaway

    Friendship Inspirational Quotes On Facebook Unfriend | Friendship Ecard

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Ok, I am funny, have nice nails (thanks Pinterest, LOL) and am already happily married.... but you would think I have a fantasy home that sparkles and the closet of a princess... those I do not have :D

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This might be a good way to clean up your friends list; surround yourself with people with like minds and let go of the negative!

Seriously. Some people just shouldn't be allowed on social networking sites.

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