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englishmajorhumor: Scientists have discovered the newest addition to our planet’s fossil record, and we’ve got the exclusive!  The Thesaurus, discovered by Darel Seow, stood twenty feet tall and had one of the most expansive vocabularies in the Jurassic Period.

Bahahahaha...thought this would be me...but I ended the AP stats test with 20 minutes left....same with the AP Language I either aced them or epically failed them...

"I love you to the moon" by Yellow Button Studio

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♥ I don't know if it's true or not. I DO know I don't care; Immo believe it is.

Well, Twitter instead of Facebook and Pinterest instead of tumblr - otherwise accurate

I believe I missed a few. I knew almost every single word, there was just some that I wasn't sure if I'd ever pronounced right.

Derpy Disney Animations That Will Make You Question Your Sanity

Forget the poop. There are mostly books about cats on the page tuner section. What is this? The internet in tangible form?