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Birdcage by ~lucylle on deviantART

This hand pulled, five color screenprinted art print measures 16" x 20" and was produced in a signed and numbered edition of only 55! 16" x 20" is a standard frame size making it super easy to frame! #art #fabric #print

love all of his work go see! I'd love the child jumping from the swing set

cuckoo house by debeaux souvenirs- one of my favorite sellers on etsy

Never let someone else's expectations of you, cage you in when you were created to fly. Dream your own dreams and follow your own heart. Even if its hard or scary. Its worth it. And I promise u, u will fly. But first, you will have to let go of those people AND their expectations. Too much baggage will keep u grounded.

The fact that every cage is empty makes me smile. To cage something that holds the ability to fly is insane.

Bird cage mural painted on the nursery wall

(seemingly) easy diy - I love the idea of a book page as the background. It always makes me want to stop and look deeper...