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  • Renée Trent Kraft

    States of Matter | use rootbeer floats

  • Sherri Coon

    CC Cycle 2 Week 13 - States of Matter Root Beer Float- Solid, liquid, gas experiment. Ice cream is solid, root beer is liquid, air bubbles are gas. Creates a chemical reaction because the new substance formed can't be easily separated. Nucleation "Tiny bubbles of air present in the soda cause the ice cream to float and are nucleation sites for the formation of large bubbles of carbon dioxide"- from Ice cream fizz.

  • Becca Foxwell

    Root Beer Float Experiment for solids, liquids, and gases

  • Jessica I.

    Root Beer Float Science Experiment

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root beer float: solids, liquids, and gases - I bet we will use this for a science experiment one day!

I didn't want to pay for it so I just made one of my own. LOVE THE SONG! MB :) Matter song

This is another form of assessment other than a boring test. I could have the students create a book about matter and use this rubric!

Root Beer Float Experiment for solids, liquids, and gases--any science that involves drinking a root beer float at the end I am more than willing to try!

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