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Root Beer Float- Solid, liquid, gas experiment. Ice cream is solid, root beer is liquid, air bubbles are gas. Creates a chemical reaction because the new substance formed can't be easily separated. Nucleation "Tiny bubbles of air present in the soda cause the ice cream to float and are nucleation sites for the formation of large bubbles of carbon dioxide"- from Ice cream fizz.

Buggy and Buddyfrom Buggy and Buddy

Baking Soda and Vinegar Science Experiment: Exploding Baggies

A super cool science activity for kids! (Observe a chemical reaction by making a baggie explode!)~ Buggy and Buddy

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Quick Bottle Rockets

easy bottle rockets. This would make a good science project.

Do you know how you can blow up a balloon with soda? This cool science experiment for kids will blow your mind!

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September classroom of the month

solid liquid gas... love this idea, but some are miscategorized

Lesson Plan SOS: Liquids, Solids, Gases, Oh My! I remember doing this when I was in elementary school. Definitely a lesson that sticks with ya.

Soda sink or float. Have kids predict whether sodas will sink or float. Most will assume they will all act the same but they won't! Diet pop floats and regular sinks. Nice way to touch on sugar content too :)

Fun Science Experiment: Pour whole milk and add red bull - let sit 5 minutes and the acid in the red bull will cause the protein in the milk to separate - liquid changing to solid! New Science Experiment to try!

Science for Kids: Gummy Bear Science Great for inroduction of variables {Would e great for getting students used to recording observations, etc)