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    "Charlotte was born on Feb. 15, 2002, and passed away Sept. 14, 2010. She suffered from an undiagnosed condition called Progressive Neural-Muscular Disease, that resembles Tay-Sachs disease. 'She was so soft and sweet,' said her mother Angelica. 'She takes your breath away. You connect with her almost in a spiritual place, because she’s not verbal. What’s happened through Charlotte’s life, to me, is I’m amazed at the goodness of people. I expect good now instead of bad.'"

  • Clarisya Silva

    Fotos comoventes: pacientes com doenças terminais posam ao lado da família antes de morrer - Fotos - R7 Saúde

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1991 - US Sergeant Ken Kozakiewicz (23), gives vent to his grief as he learns that the body bag at his feet contains the remains of his friend Andy Alaniz. 'Friendly fire' claimed Alaniz's life and injured Kozakiewicz. On the last day of the Gulf War they were taken away from the war zone by a MASH unit evacuation helicopter. (David Turnley)

The fingers of malnourished Alassa Galisou (1) are pressed against the lips of his mother Fatou Ousseini at an emergency feeding center. One of the worst droughts in recent times, together with a particularly heavy plague of locusts that had destroyed the previous year's harvest, left millions of people severely short of food. (Finbarr O'Reilly)

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A young Catholic wears a gasmask during clashes with British troops. People had been fleeing from teargas after a night of street fighting. (Hanns-Jörg Anders) Date 00-05-1969 Country United Kingdom Place Derry, Northern Ireland

A Cambodian woman cradles her child while waiting for food to be distributed at a refugee camp. (David Burnett)

a wonderful classic description of the most precious bond between a Grandson and his Grandparents. A well known phenomenon ...

Người đầu tiên mình thích là một bạn trẻ con tên là Huy hồi mẫu giáo.Bạn ấy bảo bạn ấy làm vệ sĩ cho mình.Và ko ai bắt nạt được mình. Bạn ấy làm Tuxedo mặt nạ và lúc nào cũng muốn mình là thủy thủ mặt trăng mặc kệ các bạn gái khác đòi vì thik bạn ấy.Bạn ấy dạy mình hát tiếng Pháp. Lên cấp 1 bạn ấy đuổi theo mình để muốn cùng chơi nhưng mình chạy, mình chạy khỏi bạn ấy.Mình là đồ ngu, chính vì thế mình đã bị phạt.Lẽ ra mình phải ở bên bạn ấy.Bạn ấy là những kỷ niệm đẹp nhất mình có được...