Theeeeee BEST

kissing is always a good idea

Its bittersweet everytime i see you ... i was looking at your bed and my head was full of memories . That night was pure magic ! I wanted to kiss you goodnight but ...i had to leave. ...

I love it when in the middle of our kiss I can feel you smiling. #Love #Smile #Kiss #picturequotes View more #quotes on http://quotes-lover.com

Falling asleep on the couch and waking up with a blanket on you. Knowing someone loves you enough to care...

... Love someone so much YOU take them in your arms & kiss them really hard & passionately!!!

Just little things.


Marry the guy who... keeps my cold hair warms, inspires uncontainable laughter, lets me be completely myself, protects me, takes care of me, treats me with respect, loves me, loves God... he is my best friend!

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weak knees

awesome thing #304; my best friends' family does this to me and then I don't feel so bad for eating all their snacks :P

Heather anytime I saw you. You put a smile on my face that I never had in my life. The sweetness that you have is one a kind. The beautiful person you are inside and out. Makes me smile Heather. The honest person that you are gave me a reason to believe me in myself. Heather I just miss you so much. I just have regret because of what happened and what I did that was wrong. I do not even have a smile anymore. Because I miss you and Lucy and I know what I did was wrong.

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Smile :)

Is "Drunk on You" Luke Bryan's BEST Song Ever? Comment on which one could be better.

So true. When I look through pictures, snapshots of my life, memories of when the kids played....these memories make me smile.