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CASTLES OF SPAIN - Castillo de Requesens (Gerona). Citado en un memorial del conde Ponce I de Ampurias dirigido al conde Gausfredo II, (1040-1071). Durante la Cruzada contra la Corona de Aragón, (declarada por el papa Martín IV contra el rey Pedro el Grande, por su intervención en Sicilia), el castillo fue asediado por los franceses (1285), pero no consiguieron tomarlo. Pero en 1288 fue ocupado y saqueado por un ejército francés al servicio de Jaime II de Mallorca, que invadió el Ampurdán.

Interior of Segovia Cathedral, Spain - The Cathedral of Santa Maria was started in 1525 and construction was finished in 1768. It occupies the highest point of the city. This is the last Gothic church built in Spain. The style is late Gothic and it replaced the old Romanesque Cathedral after it was destroyed in a fire during the uprising of the Comuneros in 1520.


Celtic Ruins Near Porto Do Son, West Coast Castro De Barona, Galicia, Spain, Europe

Spain / Galicia / Celtic civilization / Celtic Ruins Near Porto Do Son, West Coast Castro De Barona, Galicia, Spain

Hetalia (Hungary, Italy, HRE, Austria) ~ The throne of the Holy Roman Empire was continuously occupied by the Habsburgs between 1438 and 1740. The house produced kings of Germany, Hungary, Spain, and several Italian states; among other countries.

CASTLES OF SPAIN (2) - Castillo de Coria - El Castillo de Coria es una fortificación tardo-medieval localizada en la ciudad de Coria, en la provincia de Cáceres (comunidad autónoma de Extremadura, España . Fue mandado construir en el año 1472 por García Álvarez de Toledo, marqués de Coria y primer Duque de Alba de Tormes

Romans created practical science inventions to make life easier. In this picture is a water wheel in the city of Cordoba, Spain. Cordoba was occupied by the Romans during the Roman Empire era. 206 BC

Along the coastline of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory on the south coast of Spain known for the Rock of Gibraltar, a 426m limestone ridge at its centre. Gibraltar occupies 7 sq. km of a peninsula bordered to the north by the region of Andalusia. First settled by Moors in the Middle Ages and later ruled by Spain, the outpost was joined to Britain in 1713.

CASTLES OF SPAIN - Bentomiz Castle, near the village of Arenas, Málaga, The castle site is thought to have been occupied by the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. The Arabs built on the existing structure. When Ferdinand II of Aragon reached the area, the Granadan Sultan "El Zagal" brought a force to oppose them which he stationed around the Bentomiz castle The Moors attacked the Christian siege train during the night of 25 April 1487 but were repulsed, and in panic retreated towards Granada.

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Majorca, Spain Travel Guide

The infinity pool at the Cap Rocat hotel, which occupies a 19th-century fortress in Majorca. Photo courtesy of Cap Rocat

The Basques have been fighting to protect their language and culture for thousands of years. They are fiercely proud of their history. They have been occupying their corner of Europe with its lush, green valleys and rugged coastline, since well before Roman times. No one knows where they came from. Their language, known as Euskera, has no links with any other known language and was spoken long before all of the Indo-European languages in the rest of Europe.

William the Conqueror used enforced Anglo-Saxon labour for work on the construction of Leeds Castle. The original wooden castle was replaced by a fortified stone castle in 1119. An important feature of Leeds Castle is its access to the River Len. Leeds Castle occupies three islands surrounded by an artificial lake. King Henry VIII converted Leeds Castle into a Royal Palace but retained the defences due to the possible risk of invasion from Spain or France.

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Young Carthusians at Spain's National Stud for the Carthusian horse, Yeguada de la Cartuja. The Carthusian is a sub-strain of Pura Raza Española although it is promoted as a separate registry.

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Les 10 plus belles photos de Street Art de la semaine #7

"Melnagai" by Fin Dac in Ibiza, Spain, 7/15 (LP)

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WWII US Medal of Freedom Recipient: The White Mouse, Nancy Wake (1912 - 2011)

White Mouse - code name for Nancy Wake, a woman who organized a network in German occupied France, to allow Allied pilots to escape in 1940. She was the most wanted by the GESTAPO. Identified in 1943, she fled to Spain, her husband was tortured and executed, she then headed to Britain where she was part of the SOE, returned to France in 1944 and organized new resistance groups. Most decorated allied servicewoman in WWII. Died in 2011.