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Teach Mentor Texts

Best Teaching Resources 2012. Has ALL grades!

Textmapping. This is such a useful idea when teaching students how to prepare for standardized testing OR identifying vocabulary, key concepts, etc.

Photostory Book Presentations

ways to incorporate current events in the classroom.

Free Resources and Tools for "Authentic" Assessment | Edutopia

Education World: Tools for Teaching

Pink Slip - For students who don't have homework.- I love the layout of these

I love these! Animated timers that you can put on the projector. Gives students a visual for the time they have remaining. Plus a fun surprise (noise cue) when time is up! :)

New: Bloom's Taxonomy Planning Kit for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Set up classroom transitions to music that happen automatically on your computer. Keeps you on time while also providing fun transitions for students! What a good way to stay on schedule!!!

Never too young to start Teaching the Election!

This will make getting a new student 100 times easier. I'm constantly, scurrying around to give them all of the things they need. Love this idea!

instead of handing back papers all the time. Incredible idea.

Put a picture up on the document camera (National Geographic's picture of the day works well). Ask students to make five OBSERVATIONS, five INFERENCES and five PREDICTIONS. Doing this a couple of times a week will drive home the difference between these concepts. For some of my other subject area teacher friends...good idea

Election 2012 | TIME For Kids

online games and apps for each grade level