Seats from milk crates

This is a fun seating idea for the classroom and I would use it in my future classroom for circle time and have the students store white boards or other things in them.

Organizador de material escolar -

Organizador para el material escolar, orden y limpieza

Glue tin cans to a lazy susan for the arts and crafts table. You could make it twist and put it in the middle of a table with four students. Then they could like push it, when they needed something on the other side.

Where are we door hanger is a cute idea for  an elementary school class. It is an effective way to show others the exact location of that particular class. The only downfall to this craft is that someone could change the button confusing other people.

Freshwater's Class: Classroom Organization Take 4 “Where Are We?may also work well for a specials rotation chart.

Milk crate bench, the seat us plywood covered with foam and oilcloth then zip tied to the crates. Neat-I! From Grade 2 Happenings: Benches and Stools

Milk crates zip-tied together on their sides so that a bench seat fits on top and red bins from Lowe's can slide inside them. I don't have any milk crates, though. I also don't know what "zip-tied" means. I would use different colors.

A Modern Teacher: Mission Organization: 21 Ideas on Organizing Your Teacher Area

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Crate Seats--good step-by-step instructions on this blog!

Playground Duty: DIY Project- milk crate seats (NOTE: the photos weren't loading for me when I checked out this pin - but this pic pretty much explains it all ~Koye)

Love this classroom! Organization to die for! Neat, uncluttered, welcoming, calm, fresh. Classroom Tour 2014-2015

Love this classroom! Organization to die for! Neat, uncluttered, welcoming, calm, fresh splashes of colour. If money were no object