This infant pinky winky monster costume is a cute and furry monster costume for Halloween. This baby monster costume is available in sizes for infants and toddlers too!

The 22 All-Time Cutest Halloween Costumes for Geeky Babies must visit web :) soo cute

Huggable Hippo Baby Costume Huggable Hippo Baby Costume includes a hippo hood and a purple jumpsuit with pink flowers on the front, snaps for easy diaper and skid resistant feet.

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Just want to hug/squish this little cutie. So cute in the little Baby Duck Costume

101 Dalmatians

Cruella Deville with a baby bump? This is a super costume for a mom-to-be with an older brother or sister willing to dress up in a 101 Dalmation costume.

Octobaby - Halloween Costume Contest via @costume_works

Octobaby - Halloween Costume Contest at

This costume is worn by my three month old baby, Brooke. I came up with the idea of a diver and a sea animal for her and her older brother. I wanted each of the costumes to work together and alone.

The cutest Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers

Pottery Barn Kids' costumes for babies feature fun designs that are cute and snuggly. Find newborn costumes and create a memorable first Halloween.

Girls Monster Costume - Uggsy !

Child Uggsy Monster Costume/ We already have this costume in a but Avalon has grown out of it. Might have to get the so Aurora can use it.