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    Juuuuust north of it :)


    lol nope

    More than times than I can count.

    LOVE this time of year!!! :)

    Yup. That's generally how it goes most of the time in San Francisco and a lot of the time in Monterey. ...Summer included.

    Yup. Been to Disneyland twice before it was there, it was in the process of being built when I went there for the third time, and I got to spend quite a few hours there the fourth time I went. =)

    Like, I don't think I'm, like, THAT bad about saying it but, like, I do say it a lot. See? That was only three times. =)

    LOL! This one made me laugh SO hard 'cause it's SO true! I do this ALL the time.

    Yet another slang term/phrase I've used WAY more times than I can count.

    I had no idea this isnt a real thing until now....I seriously do get sick every time the weather changes.

    RepreSENT the East Bay. One love to the 707, y'all. =) Rap music was pretty much all that was played at prom. No joke. Us Mormons would form our own little dance circle because everyone else decided that prom night was their night to all become strippers. That was always good times. lol!

    Playa Samara, Costa Rica. This is basically the view I have right now from my hammock

    We used to play under the pier all the time. Missing home.....Huntington Beach, CA -Emblem3

    peter pan motel

    Sunsets over Disneyland Anaheima california via flickr

    Hidden (and Not So Hidden) Gems of Oakland. I used to go to the rose garden with my grandma all the time as a child!

    And the person who has never seen a tan line before: | 28 People Who Are Too Dumb For Their Own Good

    World of Color, California Adventure, Disney.


    So funny! :D