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Packing Tape Image Transfers Almost every single one of my mixed-media pieces has some kind of an image transfer in it. Some are gel medium transfers (we'll do that another day, OK?), but most are packing tape transfers. I prefer them because they are FAST and really easy. If you goof up, you don't have to wait hours to fix your mistake. Packing tape is also great for transfering text onto just about any surface you can imagine.

How to make your own alcohol inks. Rubbing alcohol .Kool-aide (off brand works great), or Rit dye Small spray bottles (I got mine at Dollar Tree) Newspaper to protect the area your working.Pour your Kool-Aid, or dye into your bottles on the dye I added about a tablespoon or a little more.Fill your bottle with rubbing alcohol place the lids back on and shake well

We have a Golden Acrylics demo today in the store! pm. It should be a great way to learn how to use Golden's diverse range of products and mediums! I'm excited!! This is a video about using Golden gels and mediums to transfer laser-print images!

How to Make Alcohol Ink for Rubber Stamping

I love using alcohol ink on polymer clay. The inks are very expensive so this is great.