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A Definite Love Bop ❥

So sweet!

The Cat and Her Squirrel | The 21 Most Touching Interspecies Friendships You Never Thought Possible

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puppy hug

What a sweet baby!

Little Dog, Big Dog

GAH! adorable

XD LOL I wonder how the racoon got the cat to stay still or why the racoon picked up the cat? :/

Delicate friendship: The ginger cat and baby deer share an affectionate moment. Picture by © Rex/Vitaly Tkach via metro.co.uk

Quanta fofura - cães e gatos - Melts my heart!

So sweet!

Yoga cat

* * KITTEN: " Little girl human, knocks on de door. Dey'll letz ya in ands weez kin play."

Everyone needs a hug sometimes

Friends For Life!! <3

German Shepherds Are My World

Makes me smile :-) #pets #animals #kitten #dog #friends #hugs