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Smile Print, Gold - modern - artwork - Keep Calm Gallery

Why would ANYone promote violence against women in a forum like this --- and as a joke!? Are they completely unaware that women die every sngle day as a result of living in a society where they are undervalued, where violence against them is "okay" --and in this case, celebrated?

some girls just need to be high fived in the face with a chair

Talitha Koum Letterpress Print for Laura by ilovenataliekay, $15.00

Talitha Koum - Letterpress Print

goregous screenprint by Natalie - Teal Tuesday: Talitha Koum — anna grace photography & design - Tattoo idea

Maybe on a Saturday afternoon we can screenprint some of these on smaller boards to go around the university

Paper Color white Ink Color gold foil Printing Type letterpress Dimensions 11 x 14 inches Our Be You print is letterpress printed by hand on antique machinery. Gold foil on bright white, extra thick a

Chin Up Buttercup... everything's gonna be ok

putting a buttercup under your chin? If it shows yellow, you like butter! :) Chin up, butter cup

Makeup Brush Set Of 5 24K Gold OR Sterling Silver on Etsy, $20.94

Makeup Brush Set Of 5 24K Gold OR Sterling Silver on Etsy, $20.94

Urban Outfitters  Hammerpress No Whining Print

7 Ways to Get Your Kid to Stop Whining Immediately

In our house. only hugs, smiles and warm fuzzy feelings are allowed. (remember that little book - all I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten =- yeah that is what my baby is learning now -warm fuzzy vs cold prickly).