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Denis Sarazhin

Denis Sarazhin

Denis Sarazhin

Denis Sarazhin

by Vladimir Volegov

Pastel, nature morte

Travelling by moonlight Landscape by Rob van Hoek

Claude Monet - Rouen Cathedral, West Facade, 1894 - Saw the original and it was magical in a way that no print can ever duplicate.

Where the Stairs Still Creak by Cheryl Tarrant

This fish is the perfect copy of one of my drawings I pinned 2 weeks ago (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/212372938651942780/). Even the waterdrops are the same... :(( I can understand taking inspiration, but this is not inspiration...

claude monet

"Pear Garden" by Denis Sarazhin

Mediterranean reflections • artist: Vicente Romero Redondo

"WALKING ON THE WAVES" oil painting by Leonid Afremov

Childe Hassam

Painting by Gregory Manchess

liu hong yuan(劉宏源, 1976- ), dignified. oil on silk mixed with linen, 189.23 x 120.65 cm http://www.taowatergallery.com/artist_liuhongyuan.htm

Norman Prescott Davies (1862-1915), Iris


Jan van Huysum, 1697-1749