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    Logan's Story and Logan's Law Update. Remembering Logan. Together we can make a difference. We are strong. We are heard. Lets help make this happen.

    Logan's law gets new support - Animal abuse registry proposed - Matt Falk hasn’t given up hope the death of his beloved husky, Logan, will be remembered. He is working to make the dog’s memory something that will help raise awareness of animal abusers and track those convicted of the crime.

    STOP Turkey’s dog massacre law! Please sign and share

    **Very URGENT - EMERGENCY IN NEED OF RESCUE GREENVILLE SOUTH CAROLINA Anyone who can SAVE this dog- at the address listed below ANY who can help at this address ASAP?! just got the following email: "This dog is currently at 106 Carolina Avenue, Greenville, SC 29607 & is in dire need of help!! The law was contacted but for some reason would do nothing...she is blind & out in this terrible heat & is bloodied by fly bites. Is there anything you all can do to help? Please!!

    The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry." And they say humans are more civilized than animals...

    HAMILTON — A Hamilton woman who escaped an animal cruelty conviction in August has been charged again after an abnormally thin pit bull named Bruiser, was seen crawling out of her apartment Monday.


    21 of the 25 originally registered dancing bears in Bulgaria have already been rescued and 20 have found a specially designed home - the DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa, founded by FOUR PAWS. Although the training of these animals to become dancing bears has been prohibited in the country since 1998, there are still five registered dancing bears in captivity. FOUR PAWS also knows about the existence of 37 additional Bears, currently being kept in private homes.

    ▶ Winter Storm Preps: Be Prepared - Sensible Prepper

    A love story

    Policemen measuring Peggy Graves' swim suit, to check whether it meets minimum 1933 clothing requirements. ~ The way the TeaBaggers are going if they could get away with it...It's called total control!

    A touching story… there is a movie out just like this story:)

    Love is Love >>> click photo for their story.

    HELP,,, Sunny Only Has a TWO DAYS LEFT!! His Mom has been unable to find a home or a rescue for him and she has asked for our help. Please share Sonny like there's no tomorrow. If you can help or have any ideas or possible leads, please call Mom at 228-234-6686. Really need you all on this one. THANKS EVERYONE!!!

    Logan County WV pound is a very high kill shelter. Euthanasia is coming up this Tuesday. Please share!! mailto:logancount...

    Rocket by Melissa Heard - Miniature Schnauzer

    Service dogs help veterans cope with PTSD and help them readjust to civilian life

    WEST VIRGINIA ~~~ NOT FINDING HER ON PETFINDER LIST FOR THIS SHELTER ~~~ OTHER CATS & DOGS IN NEED ARE LINKED TO THE SHELTER PAGE ~ PLEASE CLICK THRU ~ ALL URGENT ~ VOLS REPORT THAT EUTH DAY IS TUE ~~~ Pregnant Momma!!! Please save her. She is around one or two years old. Logan County Pound WV...very high kill shelter!!! mailto:logancount... please share her...just so heartbreaking :(