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Preschool Craft: Rock Painting!

Fine Motor Skills, Process art, outdoor fun, and more! Super simple Preschool Craft: Rock Painting! | Preschool Powol Packets

15 + Handprint Toddler Crafts

These are some awesome handprint toddler crafts that are perfect for the whole family. We've also thrown in some footprint craft ideas too. We hope you enjoy our collection of footprint and handprint toddler crafts and hope that they brighten up your day!

20+ Paper Plate Animal Crafts for Kids

If there’s one kind of craft we love more than any other at our house it’s paper plate crafts! The sturdiness of a plate plate combined with it’s round shape give it endless possibilities for crafting, not to mention how affordable the plates are to purchase. We have made quite the variety of paper plate …

Imagine the kids putting on a play for Mom and Dad. One kid being the dragon, one a knight, another a princess, and then one random like a chef. Lol

12 Rainy Day Crafts for Kids

Rock Painting | 12 Rainy Day Crafts for Kids | Simple And Fun Projects For Kids, Perfect For Indoor Activity! by DIY Ready at

Hyper Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers!