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Inflatable And Bubble Furniture: Inflatable Chairs, Inflatable Sofas, Bubble Chairs


The 90s Life on

Inflatable chairs - these things looked awesome but were freaking uncomfortable and deflated at the drop of a hat. I had this chair!

Singled Out! An MTV winner!!

Singled Out!

This was the best line up!!! I can hear the song playing in my head now!

I can hear the song playing in my head now!


pin art board, I never could make anything this cool - I loved it non the less

Samantha goes to grad school

American Girl books Samantha was my first american girl doll

Sala inflable | La Guarida Geek

Another great find on Garden Green Inflatable Bubble Chair by Bubble Inflatables

Jonathan Taylor Thomas had this on my wall

These were my favorite of all time! Just a simple body spray, but they smelled so good for being so cheap! Bonne belle bottled emotion.

Bonne Bell Bottled Emotions perfume - I had forgotten all about these until I searched for Raspberry Fantasy body spray and these popped up (weird, eh?) I had Flirty.

ριntєrєѕт: bronzed_goddess | Zenon Girl of the 21st Century

Zenon: Girl of the Century

The Heart Family.  OMG!   I used to have this.  It was one of my favorites.  My older brother even played it with me :) lol

The Heart Family, parents the size of Barbie and Ken

Mine had ice creams on the edges, pretty cute. Then the thing kept saying it was hungry, then it'd have a kid, then it'd die. I swear that little thing is probably harder than taking care of a real child!

hahah yes! or nano baby, nano pet or gigapet lol

Inflatable Sofa in Purple (Retro Planet)

Inflatable Furniture: Budget-Friendly Strength & Style

Take a look at the Pumped Up: Fun Inflatables event on zulily today!

Poppetjes dufty huis

These are what I blame for my love of floral scents and flavors, especially violet and rose.

Tupperware Salt and Pepper, we had this set. I remember going to tupperware parties w/ my mom.

I totally had this lunch box with a matching thermos

I totally had this lunch box with a matching thermos