Route and map of the Mayflower Voyage Thanksgiving Unit Study

Free outline maps for your #homeschool social studies!

The basics for a maps unit.

Use the interactive map of the original 13 colonies to learn more about each colony or city, understanding the history of settlement and disputed lands in American history.

Native Americans

Students could draw their own treasure map or island and map legend. A creative writing assignment could be attached to this that requires students to explain to a peer, in detail, how to navigate their way to a specific destination. AB

Touring the Mayflower and Daily Life in Plymouth

United States Quiz | Start learning the States for Classical Conversations Geography | Cycle 3 Answer: Here is the Capital Quiz:

World Biomes Pin Map - Free download of map and cards and your child put pins to show where the rain forests, deserts, grasslands, forest and tundra regions are located

Virtual field trips and interviews - great with the Thanksgiving Unit Study

Printable map of usa with states, capitals for C3. Also has a blank one.

Map showing major U.S. land purchases | Click on link below map that says, "See how the U.S. grew from 13 colonies to 50 states."

Mayflower Virtual Field Trip

50 Free History Unit Studies–History Lover’s Round Up

The 13 Colonies ... a homeschool unit study

The Ultimate Liberty's Kids Collection - Cross and Quill Media

Perfect for Social Studies unit on how the students fit into the world!

Me on a Map

Map of the Mayflower voyage