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study sheet one - series of teaching color theory activities

The ABCs of Art- Black & white printable materials of color theory.

This file is a 1 page worksheet to review how many faces, edges, and vertices there are in these 3-D shapes. Shapes included are a cone, cube, cyli...

Color scheme worksheet

great worksheets on elements of art...could be changed for 7th and 8th or younger! SuncoastArtAcadem...

Here is a worksheet I whipped up for my fifth graders today. We are starting large scale paintings in which students will have a choice of color scheme. Since we have studied all of these color com...

I should have brought black paper on the airplane...Zentangle done with metallic colored pencils on black paper

Nothing like a fresh box of coulour pencils or crayons! :-)

Color Wheel created with colored pencils

Breaking Bad, Hyperrealism In Colored Pencils - I'd be more impressed with this if it was done from memory only. I can do images like this from photos, but that's only copying what you see. Drawing what you can't see takes imagination and the ability to remember and render detail accurately only from memory. THAT'S real skill.

5th Grade Portraits- Awesome idea to get them thinking about value, blending colors and practicing coloring skin color. Wish I saw this sooner!