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Top Gun (1986)

Pretty real good. w/ Eve Sturges and Lily Clare (net)

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Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone Poster

You call yourself a free spirit, a wild thing, and you're terrified somebody's going to stick you in a cage. Well, baby, you're already in that cage. You built it yourself. And it's not bounded in the west by Tulip, Texas, or in the east by Somaliland. It's wherever you go. Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself. via

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

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The Goonies (1985)

The Goonies

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Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Of course I love this one

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You've Got Mail (1998)

I love Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan movies. I could (and do) watch every year.

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The Terminator (1984)

The Terminator (1984)

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City of Angels (1998)

One of the most romantic movies ever.

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Coyote Ugly (2000)

Sexy film with a good story.

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Beaches (1988)


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The Outsiders ~ Matt Dillon Rob Lowe Patrick Swayze ~ DVD ~ FREE Shipping USA

The Outsiders - Finally watched this a few months ago, years after reading the book and even more years after hearing it referenced on Gilmore Girls. I preferred the book but the film was good:)

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Captain Phillips (2013)

Captain Phillips Movie 2013..Cast:Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman, Faysal Ahmed,. n this exciting adventure based on true events that made international headlines, Tom Hanks portrays Capt. Richard Phillips, who is taken hostage by Somali pirates after they hijack his cargo ship, and the U.S. Navy's efforts to rescue him...3,13

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

Ferris Bueller's Day Off