Afternoon Stroll from Pino | by Mona (Ying Zhou)

Red - Céleste Galrao; Oil, 2012, "Gloria"

'Lady in Black' - Malcolm Liepke

Ran Ortner - Swell, 2006 - oil on canvas - Imgur Awesome!!

by zitronenradio, oil on canvas

Andre Kohn


Vincent VAN GOGH, 1887

Martin Wehmer | Martin Wehmer’s paintings, in thick oil paint, are snapshots of people in different states of mind and engaged in different daily activities. ss/

Teach yourself how to paint on canvas with oil paints. It's easier than you'd think with the help of these free demonstrations for beginners.

motherhood is lovely indeed

Enric Torres Prat, 1938


Gustav Klimt

Pino Daeni

René Wiley - Reflections in The Alley, 2012

Book of Poems, Pino Daeni