Decorating the Garden

blue bottle garden art

Fruit holder for the birds..... grab some wire and start twisting!

so many things can be done with silverware!

blossom spoon lights

TOP TIP: Flower Pot Drain Hole Cover: Just lay a coffee filter in the bottom of the pot covering the hole before filling the pot. The soil will stay in the pot and the water will still drain out because that is what coffee filters are designed to do; let water through. They last for a long time, too; by the time they fall apart, the potting soil is well packed and the plant has roots that hold the soil together.

Another Pinner: When I was in the Master Gardener program we used the water crystals in planters and I knew it was the same thing in diapers, but it never crossed my mind to put a diaper in the bottom of one. Someone else said, "The trick to amazing potted plants - diapers. I did this in my hanging baskets last year and they rocked all season." Interesting....

These creative ostrich plant holders are designed to showcase flowers artfully, as the contents of the round basket you include mimic an ostrich's plumes.

Top 30 Stunning Low-Budget DIY Garden Pots and Containers

Custom Plant Stand- Hanging Planter, Plant Hanger Decor

Your imagination is the limit. This tire turned into planter is the perfect example.

DIY Rain Chains • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials • Make your own rain chain!

Flowerball (2 metal plant hanging baskets)

Great bit of rustic garden art to hang on a fence

How fun! Fairy rocks!

Bundt pan from thrift store, painted, filled with flowering plants for table with umbrella.

Custom Plant Stand- Hanging Planter, Plant Hanger Decor

Make your own fancy plant markers