• Bridget Haymond

    Beautiful horse

  • Cie Cefeg

    Picaflor de La Sierra..Paso Finos are bred to have good balance. Their legs aren't too long, nor is their body too heavy. Their hooves are hardy and rarely need shoes. They come in every equine color, including pinto, palomino, and even cream or buckskin. Paso Fino horses are usually 13 to 15 hands tall and always have a long, flowing mane and tail, kept in perfect condition.

  • Horsegal Heart

    Paso Fino stallion, beautiful chocolate palomino color

  • Molly Helms

    Paso Fino stallion, Picaflor de la Sierra (stunning)

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Woah. I've seen black with white face...but never white with black face

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Saw this on Facebook today! So cute! Mama and baby horse

The Friesian horse breed is native to one of the northernmost provinces of the Netherlands, Friesland. The Friesian is one of Europe's oldest horse breeds, its lineage tracing back nearly 3,000 years to the ancient horse, Equus Robustus, an enormous horse that once roamed Northern Europe. It was from these heavy horses that the Friesian took its draft horse characteristics.

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Hahaha this is so funny!


Bald-faced Grullo, if I'm correct. Someone correct me if I'm not! Maybe it's an Ulsblakk or something, however you spell it. Either way, gorgeous horse!!!

the devil's horse. it is said that a blue eyed horse is the devil's horse and a blue eye is called the "devil's eye." my first pony had blue eyes... but he was no devil. ♥

Love the star, beautiful Arabian

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