How do you edit... 6 different styles

We can't get over this recipe! It did such a great job of lightening up the tone of this image!

photo edit tutorial

how to edit a photo from start to finish- photoshop tutorial

great photo editing info as well as some awesome free actions!

Photoshop before and after. Clean edit.

How to edit photos into great black and whites

I Heart Faces Photo Editing Tutorial for Photoshop - Before & After Great tips for editing hazy backlit photos just to perk them up a bit!

10 lightrooom tricks I keep bookmarked for easy access

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Adding #background textures to photos.

I Heart Faces Photo Editing Tutorial for Lightroom

How to Create a Matte Black & White Photo {Photoshop Editing Tutorial}

How To Edit Hot Spots in Photos - Photo Editing Tutorial via I Heart Faces

A before and after photo edit in Lightroom. A Free #Photography tutorial by Paige Ewing for @iHeartFaces


Texture Tutorial for Photoshop

photo editing tips

This is one of the best free tutorials I've ever seen. How to Edit for a Clean Bright Photo -Tutorial.

photo editing tutorial

TONS of freebies, tutorials, and techniques on taking and editing the perfect pictures.