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#GetOutside Day 23 - Rock: a rock house

Activity The children and I will go outside and find rocks and other material that appears to be rocks. We will examine and write down our findings.

Rocks and Minerals Scratch Test #STEM

Rocks and Minerals: Scratch Test

Activity I will place out black paper and a bowl full of rocks as a invitation type style. We will take the rocks and mark the paper Activity To further the marking with adult supervision tale nails and mark the rocks

Three Types of Rock (C1, W14)

Sedimentary - Rocks formed of sediments laid down in succesive strata or layers. The materials of which they are formed are derived from preexisting rocks or skeletal remains of sea creatures.

Fathers day craft

DIY- Salt dough "Dad Rocks" Paperweight- Let the kids collect some rocks and make this fun Fathers Day gift idea. So gonna have the girls make this for their dad.

Rock painted with chalkboard paint = paperweight &/or message board

Valentine craft project: Rock painted with chalkboard paint = paperweight &/or small message board if using a med to large size rock. Either way: With a simple piece of chalk "I Love You"

Simulating the rock cycle using crayon shavings A little messy, I had my kids do the crayon shaving outside at recess time. Worked great though. I also had the kids break the "rock" back up afterwards to show how the cycle continues

To simulate the rock cycle, we let some crayons cool slowly, as when magma cools slowly inside the Earth to create intrusive igneous rocks. We created extrusive igneous rocks by .

Worksheets: Types of Rocks: Quiz

Types of Rocks: Quiz

FREE ONLINE RESOURCE~  Rock cycle site has engaging, detailed photographs and information.

FREE ONLINE RESOURCE~ Rock cycle site has engaging, detailed photographs and information. Great for upper grade research!

I made these with my 2nd grade Science Club kids - they came out so cool! We put some rocks in the microwave for about a minute and a half. We make these every year & my rule with doing these is no on

Make sure your rock is hot enough for this to work. Crayons crayons worked better then cheap crayons.