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    Vice President Biden Discusses Grief - It can and will get better. There will come a day, I promise you, when the thought of your son or daughter or your husband or wife, brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. It will happen. My prayer for you is that day will come sooner than later.

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it is what it is.. there are something we can change, all we can do just accept

So, so true.

"All the beauty in the world was made within the oppressive limitations of time, and death, and impermanence." -Welcome To Night Vale Episode 42 (Numbers)

The 15 Wittiest Things Oscar Wilde Ever Said - BuzzFeed Mobile

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strange illusion. What an amazing, truthful and humbling statement. I find it utterly refreshing!!



Worth the harm

Music, story and a great cast. Love. Murderesses Velma Kelly (a chanteuse and tease who killed her husband and sister after finding them in bed together) and Roxie Hart (who killed her boyfriend when she discovered he wasn't going to make her a star) find themselves on death row together and fight for the fame that will keep them from the gallows in 1920s Chicago.

Aerosmith Lyrics to Dream On. Dream On is one of my favorite songs of all time.

This reminds me of the plot twist at the end when Tartuffe is arrested. He built up his connections with Orgon until he got everything he wanted. However, in the end, it was all for nothing and he was caught.

So true, smile & walk away!!

Albert Camus


African Proverb

(3) Tumblr


Life lessons on false friends, live love learn

faith quotes

Definitely a repost, but I wanted to share my favourite story that I've seen on here - Imgur

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