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Its perfectly okay and normal to not have your shit together at 25. Just as long as you don't get knocked up

Because now I remember who "me" was, is, and will be.

I just don't have the words to help you understand. I'm lost in those times & have no energy to try. I hate those times. Loneliest & lowest days

I love the way you smile at me :)

divinec: Cool is conservative fear dressed in black, growth is fueled by desire and innocence, and going too far, being up too long, and working too hard always push you into interesting territory.

The feelings and expectations that have driven me nearly all my life (with the exception of 'my cacoon tears') this silent need to free the wild horse of a woman inside of me. I have learned to love her so very much.8/12

I am going places, just don't know when or where yet.

I can be very sarcastic and sassy. It's when its simultaneously when you have no idea what to believe any more.

Good point. I think this is my standard operating procedure.

It's true!! Funny! I can soooo relate. But, it's a harmless, basically inexpensive obsession? lol

I'm at five right now but still sort of four too because seeing as how I'm on Pinterest, I am denying the fact that four pages i still have 4/10 pages to write. fail.