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Infinity Ring in rose gold filled - by Mu-Yin Jewelry

DIY: Heart Bracelet Supplies: 16 Gauge Half Round Half Hard 14/20 Gold Filled Wire - 5FT Jewelry Pliers, Round and flat Cup Steps: 1. First, at one end of the wire, make two rounded humps by wrapping the wire around the thick part of your round nose pliers 2. Then squeeze the valley in between with the flat nose pliers to create the

wire initials

20 Gauge Wire *Wal-mart or Michaels Pliers Cut your wire about 3 1/2 to 4 inches long. Make a V Shape your wire like a heart. lift up the middle and using my pliers, twist the middle over itself. Like the picture above. The wire is very forgiving so you can shape it pretty easily. Then on one side, using pliers, curled it up.

Love Knot Rings

treble clef

'Love' wire ring with bead

Treble Clef Ring. Cute!

E. E. Cummings

LOVE Rings, PEACE Rings, HOPE Rings, Adjustable Wire Rings, 14Kt Gold Filled Rings, Any combination of 3 Rings, (See Details). $29.99, via Etsy.

Collar Tetera

More Cute Rings, Pandora Beads, Flower Rings, Tiffany And Co, Tiffany Blue, Thumb Rings, Tiffany Rings, Tables Manners, Table Manners What a cute ring! Flower ring Tiffany and Co. I want this ring sooo bad, as a thumb ring! Sweet Tiffany Ring. This would be perfect for a stand in for my engagement ring.

pick a ring - play favorites for a dainty statement or stack 'em all!

Baby Elephant Ring...ADORABLE :)


Full tutorial on how to make cute filigree wire rings with pearl beads!

Ring | Noguchi Bijoux

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Infinity Love Infinity Heart Necklace Infinite Love by NKDNA