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Shia LaBeouf...I cant explain the attraction but its deep and its real

i first fell in love with him when i was like 11 and i was like "Louis Stevens, you're weird as fuck but i know you'll turn out hot in years to come." what a great epiphany.

Shia LaBeouf...It looks like he had The Bomb of a night...I'd like to have nights like this, not every night mind you, but every so often lol

Shia Labeouf. LAdies love White Tees, Choppers, dirty hair, scruffy face and boots. Get on this boys..

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that the Olympics are starting soon? Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte.

HELLO!!! I think he can stand to go one size smaller on that uniform....please? Clay Matthews!! mmm

So Handsome -------------------------- Gerald Butler captures classic Hollywood style . Ahh, for so many reasons. PattyOnSite PattyOnSite

That face! Those eyes! That accent! The facial scruff! Did I mention the accent? :)