• Jordan Kennedy

    Well said. I love this quote!

  • Megan

    be THAT girl. "Be the girl you want your daughter to be. Be that girl you want your son ti date." -Unknown

  • Christine Shenocker

    So true! I've tried. Worked with my sons, but not my daughter. Girls are tough. Wisdom comes with age.

  • Nicole Carrao

    Good advice for my daughters!

  • Tashia Kinshaw

    Be the girl you want your daughter to be. Be the girl you want your son to date. Role model

  • Lacey Chrysler

    Love love love this!!! Some women really need to remember this!! Work for men too....be the man you want your son to be and the man you want your daughter to marry! Great message!

  • Amber Bain

    I love this quote! The same would be if you change it to: Be the man you want your son to be. Be the boy you want your daughter to date.

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