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  • Vincentia Gerard

    We think we need so many useless things, when all we really need is time to breathe.

  • Renee Benjamin

    All we really need is Jesus and time to breathe because some of the things we think we need so much adds more pain to our lives than it adds value. We say we wanted love but then the love we thought we had was no love at all. We say we wanted happiness but then all of the things we thought would make us happy only brought us pain and hurt. Then we go to God in tears and on our knees, " Lord, how could you allow this to happen to me? How could you shatter all of my plans, hopes and dreams just like that? Lord, I never asked for that. I asked for love. I asked for happiness. I never asked for pain, hurt or rejection". Then God comes in and heals our broken heart and says,"You said you wanted Love. Well, here I am. You said you wanted happiness. Seek me with all your heart and find me, for in the presence of a God there is fullness of joy and at my right hand there are pleasures forevermore. You said that I had brought pain, hurt and rejection upon you that left you with a broken heart. No my love. I am the one who is close to the broken hearted. How could I have rejected you when I said in my word that I will never leave you nor forsake you? How could I have brought you pain and hurt when I took the stripes and the nails for all your pain, hurt and shame on that old, rugged cross? I became your pain, hurt and shame when I was on that cross so that you would be free and have life more abundantly. Hunnie what you asked for, was based according to your plans. But what I have for you is based according to my plans which are not meant to hurt you but to give you hope and a bright future". #Lesson I learnt# Never rush#Let God's will become your desire and don't allow your desire to compromise God's will#Trust him#Hold on to Jesus because he is all we really need#His love is more than enough#His grace is more than enough#His peace is more than enough#Jesus is more than enough for us # "More than enough"- beautiful song.

  • Rachel Irvine

    I need to remember this

  • April Lloyd

    ...and a cure for Cystic Fibrosis!

  • Lavina Crockett

    Inspirational quotes (169)

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