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    Short People Problems #47

    • Rebel with Claws

      I had that happen in junior high. I was a fast runner even though I was short. I kept trying to convince PE teacher that I could break school record for 50 yard dash. She kept telling me I was too short to beat it. Friend timed me on stop watch and proved I could do it and PE teacher still wouldn't believe it! Pooh on her ... I know I broke the record!

    • Kailee Kooienga

      hate that! Just cause i'm short doesn't mean i can't play sports, and beat everybody! Guess i'm just gonna have to show 'em!!!

    • Kyndall Deal

      Seriously! "Oh you're short... You can't do anything." "Oh ya? I can run a mile in 7:30. I can whip your butt at soccer and volleyball any day. I bet ya I could even beat you at baseball ya big jerk"

    • Ally

      Short People Problem #47: we're the sneaky, speedy ones. now you see us, now ya don't! I am a gymnast! You have no clue what I can do...

    • Hannah Lenzen

      Short People Problem #47: I'm gonna kill the next person who comments on that, I promise you'll I'll be one angry midget.

    • Randa

      Short People Problem #47: this is true for some, but doesnt apply to me. I have no athletic ability. Just thought this was funny.

    • Celeste Frank

      Short People Problem #47: we're the sneaky, speedy ones. now you see us, now ya don't! Not to brag but, I dominated/dominate, at archey tag

    • Elizabeth Caudill

      Short People Problem #47: story of my life

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    Short girl problems. Im not really short but this made me laugh.

    Short People Problems - Hard to keep up! My Dad walked very fast and I remember practically running to keep up. As a short adult, I still have that problem.

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    Short people problems

    Haha my family thinks I go through growth spurts. I'm still the same height, just a little chubbier. :P

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    Haha, I guess I should have held out for this one. XD

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    Short People Problems

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    Different Types of Music Stands - I almost NEVER change my pin descriptions, but I have to say that on this pin I will. But only for the sole purpose of explaining that I have actually laughed out loud at this pin.

    Seriously tired of this one....people, I'm not twins with my 15-year old sister, I'm 21 for pete's sake!

    yeah... pretty sad

    Or he has to sit down so you're both at the same level... This isn't a problem for me. It's one of the reasons I love being short. =)

    Seriously, why do stools have to be so lofty?!!! #petite #short_girl #problems

    O can't see through the peephole in my own front door.. and whenever I ring someone's bell I have to basically go to the sidewalk for them to see it's me. Then I have to run to the door when they open it, so it always looks like I'm about to assault someone.

    Short People Problems I seriously can accept criticism and laugh at some things but can't stand those words. its offensive to me and I hate being referred to it all the time

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    Short People Problems #92: my current situation. And I can't grow out of this either, ugh.