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DIY Paper-mache Clay

DIY Paper-mache Clay for Halloween - Cheap toilet paper (measure the wet paper pulp, and use cups – some rolls contain more paper than needed) 1 cup Joint compound from the hardware store (get “regular,” not “fast

Static: A new way to paper mache

Hi all, this has been an ongoing, but far from finished project I have been working on. I wanted to try to use paper mache in a way that near rivaled


Here is a sample of Charmed Confections' Halloween Folk Art. How Do You Boo Skeleton is made from paper clay

Creepy Frame

Cheap frame, Bucky, and Monster Mud. You're a haunter if you know what a 'Bucky' is and B. You know where to get Monster Mud.

Halloween Vintage Style Paper Mache by TheBlackSheepStudio on Etsy

Halloween Vintage Style Paper Mache Skeleton and Pumpkin

Paper mache pumpkins, must try    Trying the lights in the pumpkins now using twinkle Christmas lights makes them appear to be flickering candle..here’s 4 lit:

I like the idea of putting a little extra creative effort into a carved pumpkin knowing it wont go bad in a week! - Crafting For Holidays

DIY Papier-mâché Jack-o-lanterns! Papier-mâché tissue paper is carefully layered around a balloon. The face is created by gently cutting out pieces with a utility knife. The top is either cut off, or wrapped in painter's tape and floral wire. Battery operated lights illuminate these gleeful gourds!

Papier-Mache Decorations

Paper Mache pumpkins made with balloons, water down craft glue and orange tissue paper! Pop the balloon when dry and cut out the eyes, nose and mouth! "handmade Holiday Crafts Book" I am doing this like right now!