Vine covered rustic kids platform

Nest Treehouse Why constrain your ideas to the traditional concept of a playhouse? This lovely little nest in a Virginia farm garden creates a natural space for children to gather and share secrets.

Rustic kids tree house inspiration

Rustic kids tree house inspiration

WHY oh why don't we have a big tree in our yard? Awesome DIY Treehouse Projects and Tutorials!

willow dens!!! so doing this as a playhouse for the kids...easy peasy!

I am smitten with this company! These playgrounds are so interesting and fun.I want to go there. Reminds me of Totoro. integrated living willow structure Earth Wrights Ltd

A hobbit hole. Yeah!

Your own Hobbit hole…

Forget playhouses and mini kitchens, I'm building my children a hobbit hole. ~ Actually, I'll build ME a hobbit hole and then my lucky kids will get to play in there with me :)


let the children play: 20 Playful Ideas for using Pallets at Preschool - a pallet house! Would love this kind of thing over our pathway to grow vine plants on like peas or pole beans.

köynnöksen suojassa

the Bean House. a primitive frame, covered with chicken wire. Scarlet Runner Beans growing on it. Scarlet Runners are a delicious french green bean, whose vines grow up to 20 feet long! They also boast a beautiful scarlet bloom that attracts hummingbirds.

It only takes about 20 minutes to make this skateboard swing. 51 Budget Backyard DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

wood rustic arbor. i like the thickness of this arch. it would be a nice alter

Handcrafted Bittersweet arbor- The vines for this arbor were collected with permits from local conservation lands. This is a unique and beautiful doorway inviting you into another world.

Vine teepee - best thick, quick vines - Hyacinth Bean, Passionvine, Coral Honeysuckle.Visit us @

I want something like this, not necessarily a teepee, but a canvas tent or some other space that greenery has grown over! green teepee {a secret gardener}

another design

Willow branch structure -'Christchurch (NZ) Rudolf Steiner school made one of these in the kid area

Branch fence

Rustic branch fence at Olana - make with downed branches from curly willow tree

garden decorations and yard  landscaping ideas

How to Create Beautiful Backyard Designs, Outdoor Home Decorating Ideas

painted tire swings - cute project for the kids and good idea for the front or back yard!