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Photo 91 of 365 Taylor Hanson 2007 - MONA Recording - Tulsa OK In this shot Taylor is performing during the Middle Of Nowhere Acoustic recording in 2007. This is one of our favorite products we've released. Does anyone have a favorite moment during this DVD? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 17 of 365 HANSON 2007 - Middle of Nowhere Acoustic Recording - Tulsa, OK This is Isaac during the Middle of Nowhere Acoustic recording in May 2007, for the 10 year anniversary of Middle of Nowhere. #hanson #hanson20th

Photo 247 of 365 Taylor Hanson 2007 - Middle Of Nowhere Acoustic Recording - Tulsa OK Over the last decade we have tried to create special events ranging from the recording of special products (like this pic from the Middle Of Nowhere Acoustic recording) to the Back To The Island event in Jamaica going on right now. Can you tell us about your favorite special event over the years? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 258 of 365 Taylor Hanson 2006 - The Walk Recording - Tulsa OK Taylor is in the studio working on The Walk in 2006 in this pic. Give us a caption for the comment he is about to make while producing the record. #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 206 of 365 Taylor Hanson 2010 - Sun Studios - Memphis TN This is a picture of Taylor in front of the world famous SUN Studios, in Memphis Tennessee. We know it is old school, but who has a favorite song that was released by SUN or recorded in their studio? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 73 of 365 HANSON 2006 - The Walk Promo Shoot - Tulsa OK On this day in 2007, The Walk album was released in the US. Do you have a favorite lyric on the album? Tell us about it. #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 44 of 365 HANSON 2006 - The Walk Recording - Tulsa OK This is us in 2006 recording vocals for The Walk. #hanson #hanson20th

Photo 9 of 365 HANSON with Andrew WK 2007 - The Supper Club - New York NY Taylor rocking with the one and only Andrew W.K. in 2007 for the release of The Walk in NYC. #hanson #hanson20th