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Wow, just random chance, time, luck, natural selection, and poof! Nudibranch(Cabo Frio) by Ricardo Araujo

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So colorful and cute! If I ever had a fish tank these would be one of the first inhabitants. (if that's legal? if not need to find one at an aquarium.)

Sea slug - It is a paraphyletic name used for various lineages of marine gastropod molluscs that are either not conchiferous (shell-bearing) or appear not to be.

Sea slug how intersting and beautiful much prettier than land slugs God is amazing from all the creatures in the seas to human beings he did everything for a reason

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Hooded Nudibranch - Melibe/Melibe leonina, common names the "hooded nudibranch", "lion's mane nudibranch", or "lion's mane sea slug" is a species of predatory sea slug, specifically a nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Tethydidae.