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    Saint Emilia (4th cent) bore nine children, and imparted her Christian faith so effectively that five of them are counted as Saints: Saint Basil the Great, Saint Gregory of Nyssa, Saint Peter of Sebaste, Saint Macrina, and Saint Theosevia. In her old age she founded a monastery, and lived in it with her daughter Macrina until her repose. (May 8)

    St. Martha.. Girls Guide to Saints

    Francis of Assisi was a poor man who astounded and inspired the Church by taking the gospel literally—not in a narrow fundamentalist sense, but by actually following all that Jesus said and did, joyfully, without limit and without a mite of self-importance.

    St. Joseph - Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and adoptive & foster father of Jesus. A righteous man and descendant of the house of David. Feast Day - 3/19. Lord, help me to hear your word and follow your direction with care and without hesitation as Joseph did. Amen.

    St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland. One of the12 apostles of Christ.

    Saint John of Kronstadt in his garden.

    Born in Greece, Saint Theognostus became Metropolitan of Kiev and Moscow in the 14th century. When enemies denounced him to the Mongol ruler for not having paid tribute to obtain the position, as was often done by clergy, he answered "Christ our God bought His Church from the unbelievers with His precious Blood. For what do we pay tribute to unbelievers?" Miraculously, he was not killed for his honesty, and governed the Church for 25 more years. He is celebrated Mar 14.

    Today, 12 March, is the anniversary of the death of Pope St Gregory the Great, who died in 604. In some places his feast day is still celebrated today. This stained glass window of the saint is from Downside Abbey church and shows him sending monks to evanglize England.

    Saint Agnes by Lucas Van Leyden, 1520.

    Saint Gertrude the Great, uncredited


    Sainte Marie

    Catherine of Alexandria and St. Augustine, 16th century Milanese altarpiece.

    st catherine of alexandria

    A strict faster, Monk Prokhor of Pechersk (11th cent Russia) ate pigweed instead of bread despite his brethren's ridicule. During a great famine, many tried to eat it too, but it was very bitter; however, Prokhor gathered and baked it, and it tasted like wheat. During a great salt shortage, Prokhor's prayers transformed ashes into pure salt. When it was confiscated by the ruler of that region, it became ashes and was thrown away. As people took it again, it became salt. (Feb 10)

    Saint Catherine Converting the Scholars, Flanders.

    St Cecilia

    Holy Communion

    Virgin of the Annunciation, ca. 1300–1310 Paris, France. Limestone, traces of paint

    St. Ann, Mother of Mary

    statue of st bartholomew, an early christian martyr who was flayed (he is draped in his own skin) - marco d’agrate, 1562 (duomo cathedral, milan)

    People crest abbot of Rheinau Bernhard I.. St. Leontius, with blessing hand and palm, on a pedestal. Goldsmith Johann Caspar Dietrich, Rapperswil. Silver, CA. 1674

    St. Theresa of Avila

    The Orthodox New Martyrs Grand Duchess Elizabeth And Sister Barbara

    Saint Herman of Alaska (Russia 18th cent) became a monk at 16. Virgin Mary appeared to him to heal his facial cancer. In 1793, he was sent missionary to America (Kodiak Island). Aleuts were so receptive that first year 7,000 were baptized and 1,500 married. Herman lived in a forest hut, fasting most days. He founded an orphanage and a school, cared for the sick, and built a chapel. When he died, people saw a white light rising from his hut. He is the first canonized American saint (Dec 12).