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[It's a David/Goliath situation with my friends. We walk in a "W" formation with me in the middle.] Short people problem When people who are already taller than you wear heels making you feel even shorter.

Too true too true.

This isn't just a short girl problem, quit your pity party on this one cuz everybody has dealt with this! I had this problem yesterday.

Or see over them while ordering...

Or into the top shelf of the cupboards, or reach the hanging pot rack, or get that sock all the way at the bottom of the top-loading washing machine.

To True!! Plus having to buy socks in the little girls dept. and trying to find some with out girly lace or barbie dolls on them...Lol

short people problems - actually this was a real problem as the height of the heel was the same reagardless of size - the drop from heel to toe was so diwproportiate so my family used to say when they heard tap taptap 'here comes Minnie Mouse'.

Short People Problems....

Kicking them in the shins normal does the trick ^-^ unless it is with my friends which will just tackle hug me while squealing.